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Our customer service representative are fully dedicated and always ready to respond any queries from our valuable customers. We analyze the problem area and take necessary corrective action within the time frame.
SEPL makes conventional type, 1 Phase, 50 Hz, Oil immersed, naturally cooled, Pole mounted / Platform mounted, double wound with Aluminium / Copper, Step up/Step down core type continuous duty transformers having no load voltage ratio from 5 KVA to 167 KVA upto 33 KV Class with ‘A’ Class Insulation and designed to withstand Short Circuit, & Impulse Test in accordance to ANSI / IEC / BS / IS.

SEPL makes conventional/hermetically sealed/bolted type, indoor/outdoor type, pole/platform mounted 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, oil immersed, ONAN/ONAF/ OFWF cooled, step up/step down, double wound with Al/Cu conductor, Continuous duty transformers from 5 KVA to 10 MVA upto 33 KV Class with ‘A’ Class Insulation and designed to withstand Short Circuit, & Impulse Test in accordance to IEC / BS / ANSI / IS / NEEMA.
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SEPL is an ace service provider engaged in the repairing and rewinding of Transformers. Wear and tear in any machinery is a natural process and as such, they need to be fitted with new accessories and spare parts in order to keep them working properly. Transformers need to be regularly checked in order to ascertain their safety and functional reliability.

The magnetic cores of our transformer's are made of grain oriented silicone steel sheets. They are cut to length by CNC controlled cutting machines and handled in a manner that ensures the lowest possible distortions in the material. Giving transformer cores with low FE losses. If required the STEP-LAP cut is used to reduce FE losses even further. Frequent quality checks ensure that the laminations are cut to the correct size according to transformer design.


We manufacture DPC wires where utmost care is being taken to produce these wires. From incoming material inspection to the finished goods, professionals to maintain the thickness, covering of paper are carrying out at every stage inspection and the state of the art machineries is fully anti vibrant for better control of the quality of DPC being produced.